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I am now offering lipstick kisses so whilst I pucker up for you have a look what is on offer under:

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Some EXCITING news or you!

On Saturday March 5th March 2022

I will be at

CovCon Junior

with many of my Star Wars and Doctor Who friends

to raise money for

Maggie's Cancer Centre

at The Royal Free Hospital

that have helped and are still helping me through my Cancer journey 

Hope to see you all there to make the event a memorable one!


If that's not exciting enough.....

On Saturday 7th May 2022

I will also be at


with the emphasis on

James Bond

with some of my friends flying in from all over the world!!!!!

But there will be actors from many other genres, 'Allo 'Allo, Hammer Horror and Carry On to name just a few!!!

Again, ALL monies raised will be given to Maggie's and ALL my friends are coming for free!

See you there!