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Hi everyone,
I'm writing to let you know the post office are advising people not to send item overseas right now. I thought I'd let you know straight away that there will be a delay in sending items abroad. Apologies for any inconvenience and rest assured I will dispatch your item as soon as I am allowed to. Below is the first part of the news article on the BBC:
Royal Mail has asked people to stop sending mail abroad due to a "cyber incident" causing severe disruption.
It said it was temporarily unable to send letters and parcels overseas, and was "working hard" to resolve the issue.
There are also minor delays to post coming into the UK, but domestic deliveries are unaffected.
The incident has been reported to the UK's cyber intelligence agency and police who deal with serious crime.
Royal Mail apologised and said its teams were "working around the clock to resolve this disruption". It said it would update customers when it had more inform

Caroline xxx


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